Need help with my writing homework on 2013 Maryland Tourism Plan. Write a 3250 word paper answering; The major objective of this particular goal was to facilitate more of continuous leadership and at the same time provide education and generate a brief study on the revenue and the number of jobs that are generated by the tourism sector. The second goal of the plan was to improve on and even to sustain the overall economic impact that is generated by the tourism sector. The action plan that was incorporated for achieving the goal was to maximize the total number of sales in the coming years in the tourism industry and enhance the promotional techniques so as to spread more awareness about the tourism spots through international as well national operators. The third goal of the plan was to further improve on the perception of people toward Maryland and spread more awareness amongst the population so that the major objective of the plan can be sustained. This goal was well supported by the deliverables that comprised of adding an interactive map to visit Maryland and adding some of the core business in the tourism sector that is of sporting venues and lodging. The other idea behind this goal was to change the overall perception to such a degree that Maryland can be considered to be a green destination and doubling the number of partners associated with the project so that such an initiative can be effectively supported. The fourth goal of the plan was to leverage the total investments towards the project of Maryland so as to enhance the life assets of the region which possessed a unique quality. The focus of the plan was to minimize the total expenditure that was associated with the marketing of the destination and to maximize the overall expenditure of customers at Maryland. The plan had the common objective to work collaboratively with all of the tourism partners in the industry so as to drive a positive change through increasing employment, tax revenues and tourism.

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