Complete 9 pages APA formatted article: The Death Penalty. On the other hand, support for capital punishment must prove without reasonable doubt that why it effectively performs these functions. Consequently, this essay will focus on various reasons given to support or oppose the death penalty in order to make conclusions on the effectiveness of the method towards the achievement of both justice and deterrence of others from future engagement in acts punishable by similar sentencing.

The present arguments concerning the death sentence have been based on different beliefs about the punishment of offenders. These beliefs on punishment through the death penalty have generally been in the form of rehabilitation, incapacitation, retribution and deterrence. However, only retribution, deterrence, and incapacitation feature in the reasons given by those who support the death penalty (Radelet and Borg, 2000). This is because the penal system exercises rehabilitation with the aim of returning the offender back to society as a productive member and is often viewed as a treatment in the literature about incarceration. Therefore, arguments surrounding rehabilitation can only be made in opposition to the death penalty for it is not logical to claim treatment of the offender can be achieved through a death sentence given that the person will not be given a chance to exercise a changed attitude and behavior in society

Deterrence as applied in the punishment of offenders is the belief that the penal system can stop crime through means that make the punishment for various offenses more severe than any potential gain from criminal activities. Deterrence works in two ways: it reduces the chances that offenders will go back to the same acts while also discouraging others from participating in similar acts by acting as an example to the public. Therefore, Proponents of the death penalty perceive passing the death sentence is the best method.

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