Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Humes Arguments Relating to the Lack of Wickedness in Suicide. In essence, Hume is arguing against Thomistic prescriptions against suicide on the theological grounds that suicide is violative of God’s order and is basically a way for man to take over God’s sole prerogative of determining when a man’s life should end. Theological arguments moreover posit how suicide is a sin, with the sinner making a very individual and private arrangement with evil, the devil himself. On the other hand, where the Thomistic position is that of suicide basically being against the will of God, Hume posits that suicide is one, not a contravention of the so-called “divine order”. that two, is it not a contravention of a person’s duties towards others. and three, that suicide is not a contravention of one’s duties to oneself. Of this latter assertion, Hume says that on the contrary, in cases of extreme pain, old age, infirmity and disease, living on maybe more of a disservice to oneself than dying, and so it may be one’s duty to oneself, or of the observance of one’s duty to oneself, to choose to die. Death in these cases may be to the better interest of a person that continued existence on this earth With regard to people taking their own lives on a whim, Hume posits that within men of healthy dispositions there is a natural aversion to death, and so there are natural mechanisms in place to make sure that when people choose life or death, they are doing so in the spirit of being true to their duty to themselves (Cholbi. Burton).

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