I need some assistance with these assignment. a reflective learning log book Thank you in advance for the help! My lecturer was brief and clear and demonstrated all the skills that were required to acquire a good study habit. In her lecture, there were demonstrations, reading and writing notes. I found the lesson to be quite interesting as the topic we were learning touched my area of weakness, and from there I knew what to do in order to improve and develop a good study habit.

In this lecture, I learned about critical thinking and reading skills. In the first part of the lesson, the lecturer defined the term critical reading, as in-depth reading and analysis of what the reading material states. Initially, I always read books and academic materials very partially and recklessly. However, from the lecture, I realized that it was not the best way of reading. therefore, I learned that I needed to sharpen and improve on my skills of reading and learning, in this case, I had to learn and implement the new reading skills that would lead to a good performance. After learning this, found my reading of the books very easy and very effective. For instance, in my course, of study that I am currently taking, I realized that I needed to read the whole chapter in order to grasp the theme of the book, this helps me to gain more knowledge and the concept of the topic am reading about. According to my lecturer, critical reading involves in-depth reading and analysis, therefore through this knowledge. I realized needed to critically and analyze the topic from the chapter that I was reading. However, it is not always easy for me, since I find the sentences to be long and complicated as well as somehow hard to comprehend. For instance, the topics of politics and business, some of the topics from these are somehow hard to analyze and comprehend.

According to the lecturer, when we read we need to write down short notes on what we are reading.&nbsp.

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