Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on aesthetic and political issues raised by large surveys of womens work Paper must be at least 1750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! In most cases, their work shows how they value different aspects of society as well as expressing their desires and interests. This has changed the cultural life of many people throughout the world. Women venturing in the field of contemporary arts raise some issues that need to be analyzed. It has brought about the diversification of art, which is brought about by their quest and energy to share what they have in mind with the rest of the world. It also brings in the need to maximize the opportunities that are available for use by women. Some scholars have conducted studies to identify the factors that have led to a rise in the number of women in the arts and film industries. This essay will take a close look at these studies and draw from them, the political and aesthetic issues raised concerning the participation of women in contemporary arts.

Aesthetic issues deal with the nature of art while political issues have a connection with how art has changed the perception of women in society. Women have certainly changed the range of arts through various contributions. These contributions express the view that, in the past, sexuality, body, and family responsibility influenced women in art. The women’s urge to realize political progress and social recognition in society have a connection with women’s art. Women are the central pillars that have changed the nature of the arts. They have facilitated new approaches and styles in contemporary art. The Australian exhibition clearly shows this. For example, the introduction of imagery in mass media originated from a woman, which helps to address the social differences between men and women. Nature and culture have influenced women to diversify artistic works (Art & Australia, 2008). Women involvement in these changes borrows from the view of life experiences and the motives for outstanding results are the central pillars that govern the actions of women. It is difficult to outline the political issues raised without looking at the social issues connected to women’s art.

The participation of women in different professions has increased tremendously due to increased working opportunities. Women are also involved in the formulation and implementation of various reforms in the health sector and the provision of affordable care for children. This has raised different demands that women thrive to meet. The main demand by women is access to various professional fields as well as the demand for equal pay.

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