Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: America and Democratic Rule. This paper looks at the importance of the democratic rule, especially liberal democracy, and how it is important to the citizens of new democracies, how it serves US interests, and how it promotes international peace. Besides this, it also looks at the benefits of the democratic rule of other countries to America. The paper gives a line of thought of why America should continue to press for the democratic rule on other countries and how this impacts not only America, but also the citizens of the democracies and how they will benefit, and the impact on the larger international system.

Democracy is a system of government where people are vested either with the power to rule directly or through representatives who are freely elected. In other words, no particular person can choose himself or invest power in him to rule in a system. Therefore, in democracy, no one can give himself unlimited and unconditional power. In this kind of system, the rulers are made accountable for every action they take in the public realm, by the citizens, who act indirectly through cooperation and competition of their elected representatives (Pollack, 2011). The democratic rule, therefore, is the system of leadership in which democracy is allowed to take control. The citizens decide what is best for their country. Liberalism on the other hand is a philosophy of politics based on the individual freedom principle. It calls for guarantees of individual rights and freedoms.

Governmental and non-governmental actors in North Africa and the Middle East are aimed at and encouraged by the American Democracy Promotion in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to pursue political reforms, which will ultimately lead to democratic rule. These areas are of great interest to the US, though they are still under non-democratic and authoritarian rule, with exceptions of a few countries. MENA has been the subject of democracy promotion and increasing the interesting part of the US.

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