I need some assistance with these assignment. analysis of alice’s adventures in wonderland by lewis carroll Thank you in advance for the help! Alice follows the rabbit which ends up in a rabbit hole where there are shelves with books, drinks and snacks. However, it is a place full of confusion, where she does not actually end up doing everything she desires, thus finally dreams of her cat, Dinah. The human-animal interaction demonstrated by this chapter is that of cordial but non-productive relationship. However, this relationship is necessary for building the background of the rest of the story, which involves more interactions between humans and animals.

The second chapter of the book introduces more animals to the scene, through the struggles that Alice is undergoing to try and move out of the rabbit hole and back to the land surface. The struggle begins when she eats a cake she finds in the rabbit hole and grows bigger than the door size. It also causes her to momentarily lose her identity and memory, thus considers herself as a girl she knows, named Mabel. Struggling to get her identity and move back to the surface causes her to cry lots of tears which form a pool. While in the pool, a mouse appears and they start a conversation about cats and dogs that make the mouse help Alice and other animals that were trapped in the hole get out to the surface, so they could be narrated why the rat hates cats and dogs. The human-animal interaction in this chapter is both protagonistic and antagonistic. It is antagonistic at first, when Alice mentions cats and dogs to the mouse, but turns protagonistic when she promises not to mention them again if the mouse helps her out of the hole. The role of this relationship is to build more foundation for developing the story and introduce more characters such as the Eaglet, Lory and Dodo.

Under this chapter, a temporary working relationship between Alice and animals is created, where the mouse sits Alice and all the animals down to give them the driest story it knows, so they can get to dry from the drenching water of the pool in the rabbit hole. The&nbsp.story telling changes into a caucus proposed by Dodo in which all animals win. Alice shares mints with the animals and they start chewing.

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