Write 10 pages with APA style on Analysis of Articles about City Power and Centrality. At some point, it becomes hard to differentiate between the terms power and centrality, since what Alderson and Beckfield (2004) term as position seems to overlap with centrality at some point. This, when contrasted with Neals’ (2011) assertion that centrality is not entirely the product of location seems to misinform on what the term exactly stands for. In some instances, the authors use a position to mean the hierarchical order of the cities based solely on power, which is also supported by the title and the aims.

The statement “We assess the power of world cities in light of three measures of point centrality (i.e., outdegree, closeness, and betweenness)” (p. 822) corroborates the confusion with which Alderson and Beckfield laced the otherwise distinct terms that are centrality and power. As noted, neither power nor centrality is a function of the other, as the two aspects of a city’s ranking lie distinctly of each other. The discussion, therefore, waters down the strong empirical approach applied in the study. Regrettably, the article does not offer a strong conviction of the difference between power and centrality that is being sought through this analysis. For this reason, the quality of the article is negatively influenced by the way the discussion is presented, casting doubt on whether the results can be taken to represent the aims.

The article is a response to a 2011 study article by renowned researcher Zachary Neal. In his article, Neal had attempted to distinguish between power and centrality of a city through the use of two measures of recursive power and centrality: a relational measure of power, and position in the world city networks. From the onset, Boyd, Mahutga, and Smith (2013) expressed their appreciation for the way Neal made essential clarifications of the two measures, keeping the interpretation simplistic and easy to understand.

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