I need some assistance with these assignment. analysis of disney true life-adventures: vanishing prairie and winged migrations Thank you in advance for the help! Documentaries are recorded videos that present an objective reality or a factual situation in an enhanced manner that informs the viewer about the phenomenon in question. Documentaries are not a live telecast of an event as it is naturally. This is because the crew uses various techniques like editing to accentuate and highlight important aspects of the phenomenon&nbsp.(Mitman 111). On the other hand, they are not fiction because they are not a purely created situation, rather a presentation of circumstances as they are

The two documentaries under review, Disney True Life-Adventures: Vanishing Prairie and Winged Migrations are informational. However, they have two separate and distinct themes that set them apart from each other and from other documentaries. The main commonality they both have is the fact that they bring a viewer’s attention to something most ordinary people in society will not even think of – the American vegetation and European birds respectively. These are things the ordinary city-dwelling man or woman will not consider in his or her daily life.

In the Vanishing Prairie, Disney builds on its competency in animation and credibility amongst American viewers in the early 1950s to present a case for the Prairies of North America. The documentary begins by providing a visual impression of the American Prairies and how it spread through the three main zones of what is now the United States, Mexico, and Canada (Eagan 479). This provides the basis for presenting the nature of the flora and fauna which included an emphasis on the bison, elks, and other creatures that lived peacefully on the Prairies until Western civilization and the expansion of the United States occurred.

The focus of the film was to educate and also entertain the viewers. And at that time in 1954, the graphics and the level of editing that went into the film was phenomenal and was new to many viewers. Some scenes like live coverage of a buffalo giving birth were absolutely new to most viewers. Hence, the film had a lot of attention.

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