Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Analysis of Surrealism Movement in the History of Cinema. It needs to be at least 2500 words. Subject to its complexity and uniqueness in the history of cinema, the Surrealism movement has been facing significant criticism with some artists and historians questioning Surrealist cinema as films with a distinct genre (diva Daniela 2014) and doubting its presence in the film industry. The Surrealism movement emanated from the Dada art movement, which negated rational thought and opposed any logic or realism (The Metropolitan Museum of Art 2014). Just like the Dada art movement, the Surrealism movement produced films that depicted irrational, intuition, illogical characteristics in a horrific but dramatic way especially on the verge of the First World War (The Metropolitan Museum of Art 2014).

Notably, the Surrealism movement was the first literary and artistic movement to engage in film production where it has been promoting anti-artistic aspects (diva Daniela 2014). Subject to the immense criticism, ancient Surrealist filmmakers had to produce films on private practice and their works attracted little appreciation in the film industry due to the radicalness of the art materials. Notably, the presence of some affinities in Surrealist cinema (Walz 2014) defines the history of Surrealism in cinema. This relates to the fact that surrealism defines a dynamic piece of art that analyses the points of intersection and the points of departure in human existence. To achieve this, the Surrealism movement uses irrational imagery and the subconscious mind to defy the realities in life (TATE 2014). Indeed, the films produced by the Surrealism movement have a unique characteristic where they assert that reality has no limits, and hence there is more to reality than what we see or know. Ideally, the Seashell and the Clergyman produced in 1928 was the first film produced by the Surrealism movement. Ever since the movement has produced many Surrealist films including L’Age d’Or directed by Luis Buñuel&nbsp.and Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton.

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