Need help with my writing homework on Analysis: Steven Soderberghs Psychos and Truffauts A Certain Tendency in French Cinema. Write a 2000 word paper answering; Emily through what has happened to her suffers depression where she had lost all her wealth, self-confidence, and even status (Baker, 2011). The psychiatrist who looks after her prescribes to her drugs that have not been tested hence leading to strange side effects in her. The side effects include acting as if one is sleepy when walking and they cannot recollect what they had previously done.

To bring out the effects that Emily was undergoing, the movie is presented in a dream-like quality. The other factors that add s up to the success of the way the movie is brought out are the wonderful Thomas Newman’s score and the music played in the movie. All this adds up to the instance of the movie being strange. Steven brings out the movie with a difficulty to spot the influences in them.

In the movie, acting is much towards the hammy. Jude in the movie is in sneering and suspicious form as a psychiatrist from Britain who increasingly became suspicious himself. Rooney Mara is active, too, as the indolent and miserable woman who turns out to have secret depths. Meanwhile, Catherine Zeta-Jones acts as if she is off duty from a Coen brother’s comedy (Baker, 2011). The plot of the movie is so tangled making it difficult at times to realize the actual actions that take place. There is also so much shifting in the tone and also disconcerting. The difficulty in the identification of activities that happen in the movies is bringing it out to be a courtroom drama, a medical drama, a prison drama, and a murder mystery. When watching the movie it sometimes gets irritating as the comedy is very slippery. The film that started in a sober fashion turns out to the end to be a madly doubtful drama. The audience however may try not to mind about the very tangled plot and concentrate and try to understand the real happenings of the movie, they may find a lot in it that they can relish (Baker, 2011).

According to the book, there are several annoying features of a movie and novel that makes them annoying.

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