Write a 7 pages paper on is the statement on capital punishment or euthanasia true or false. The Suicide Tourist was tired of having ALS, and he was tired of living, as he could no longer bear the suffering the suicide tourist was helped to die (John & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation). However, the Coumbias were not granted the legal authority to have assisted death as Betty died of Cancer while George lives and still suffers from heart disease.

It is true that capital punishment should be abolished because killing for any reason is morally wrong. Every person has the right to life as provided for under the constitution. Additionally, although it has been held that capital punishment deters other criminals from committing similar crimes death penalty should not be a way to deter such crimes (Mappes, David & Jane, 77). When people are incarcerated in prison for the rest of their lives, it means that they will not come back to society and for that reason. life imprisonment should be an alternative for the death penalty.

It is true that legalizing any form of active euthanasia will create more harm than good because assisting another person to commit suicide is not only morally wrong but affects the person assisting the death. For example, when active euthanasia is allowed it decreases the hope of an individual getting better, which in turn conflicts with modern medicine. Additionally, there will be increased fear of doctors and medicine because when people go to the hospital they go to get better and not to die (Mappes, David & Jane, 75). Therefore, in legalizing active euthanasia there is pressure on the patient to please his family members, as well as, decide what is for their best interest.

It is not true that if Massachusetts had passed the Death with Dignity Act in 2012 it would have become the first state to pass a state referendum that allowed voluntary active euthanasia. It follows the fact that Oregon voters voted for the same act in 1998. Additionally, other states that have passed a law through the congress.

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