Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Are Science and Religion in Conflict. It needs to be at least 1750 words. Science completely relies on proof and religion is dependent on morality, faith and spirituality and hence both remain in conflict forever.

All religion in the world is based on God and his attributes and science, on the other hand, is a study of nature. The basis and principles of religion are passed on to people from their ancestors and elders and have strong grounds of belief and faith. But science is developed by studying and researching on elements of nature. Science only believes in fact and evidence-based information and cannot rely on imagination and faith. The core reason for the conflict between science and religion is on the matter of creation of the universe and the former regards creation of the universe as accidental whereas religion strongly believes that creation of the universe is a planned action of God. Science does not believe in miracle or supernatural powers whereas the religious concepts have much illusionary and superficial thinking attached to it.

Science and religion have their ideas rooted in different subjects and as a result, they conflict with each other on varied platforms. In every sphere of human activity like astronomy, history, medicine, human sexuality and religious practices and events, science and religion maintain different opinions. According to religion, astronomy is related to the position of planets and the way they influence the everyday life of human beings. Ancient people used to make an astronomical observation and understand the position of planets and assess their positive and negative effect on human beings. They integrated rituals and religious ceremonies keeping in mind the influence of planets on human life. As per science, astronomy is the study of various planets and their origin, nature and evolution.

Even on history, science and religion contradict each other regarding various events taken place in the past like the creation of earth and flood stories.

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