Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Art History Responses. It needs to be at least 2250 words. The techniques used by Seurat that include neither the mixing of colors nor the showing of conversations or interactions between the individuals displayed in the painting is rather disturbing and unnatural. However, I believe that this has the effect of clearly distinguishing the image from the rather more intuitive approach that was being used by the impressionist paintings during this period.

One of the main themes presented in the video presentation about the painting is the question as to whether the image depicted in the painting is a stroke of genius or madness. In the painting, Van Gogh is seen to have highlighted the buildings with broad strokes of dark edges to represent the solidity of the earth while the sky is depicted as having stormy clouds and pulsating stars. I was especially moved by the fact that the use of different effects in the two sections of the image helps to create a clear distinction between the two.

In my opinion, the author has been able to accurately describe what the cypress tree in the painting depicts as it can be argued that the tree essentially represents a bridge between life as is known here on earth and death in the sky as is usually associated with paintings and images of the heavens.

In the video clip, the narrator discusses how Edvard Munch’s life experiences impacted his painting. I feel that the narrator is accurate in making this postulation as the first painting by Munch were for the most part gloomy and he would often use dark shades when painting them. The paintings depicting sickrooms and his favorite sister’s death bed are all seen to further support this postulation.

In the video clip, it is suggested that Edvard Munch’s three-week visit to Paris where he came into contact with post-impressionist paintings also had an effect on Munch’s paintings. It can be argued that the use of brighter colors by Munch after his visit to Paris all serve to support this observation.

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