Need help with my writing homework on Art History. Write a 1500 word paper answering; Accordingly, the author shows that despite the general appearance of the floral parts, which include the petals, and the reproductive parts such as the pistil triggers higher thinking and has a symbolic interpretation even if it is not explainable by language.&nbsp.

Traditions in human society have accorded meaning and associations of flowers to real-life features. For instance, the article portrays how the dandelion flower is used to show expansion, narcissus flower shows egoism while the wormwood has been in use to portray bitterness within human societies. This, therefore, shows that the mere observation of a flower sends particular signals to human brains where such a flower-like an emblem signifies desire and columbine sadness though no universalities of such perceptions are established through research. In fact, man has been shown to attribute emotions towards flowers and this, therefore, has the direct effect of influencing the interpretations that are accorded towards various species of flowers. For instance, one would wonder how and why the rose flower would be attributed to emotions of love as against other types of flowers. This would only be understood through understanding the roles that symbols are accorded through the psychoanalytic explanations. Subjectivity in understanding the phenomenon would also provide a viable explanation in the case of ‘flower language’. In such then, it would be erroneous for one to replace the ‘word’ by ‘appearance’ in the philosophical analysis as words provide a platform through which relative analysis would be possible unlike the imposition of subjectivity as would be associated with appearance. In this explanation, the author juxtaposes the interpretation of appearance in a flower with the meaning where love, as illustrated through a flower is only shown by the flora as against by the entire flower.&nbsp.In fact, by contrast, the philosopher would compare the use of flowers and the meanings associated with it with other parts of a plant such as the foliage and the roots. Although flowers often appear beautiful and lively for short periods, the message conveyed is very abstract as against the other parts like the leaves.&nbsp.

The use of the flower in comparing the essence of visual perceptions and the application of the appearance in the philosophical interpretation of phenomena has been shown to be very effective. The author just uses this language of ‘flower’ to convey the message of the abstract nature of human minds in understanding.

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