Write a 11 pages paper on arts council of great britain. This made the Arts Council emerge as a bigger and more distributive organization since its establishment in 1987. Since the time the arts council was conceived, it has gone through many restructuring and major changes in an attempt to improve its authority and control over the arts and culture industry (A.C.E, 2005 [1]).

In the mid of 2002, the arts council started off as a new era of significant expansion for the arts in England. The financial case for the arts was set to be won with the Government. In 2002’s spending round, targets were set to achieve a major increase in public investment in the arts. Furthermore, the arts council’s intentions were to capitalize on that success by backing the country’s artistic talent and winning further support for the arts. The arts council has tried to adopt a more modern definition of the arts, one that is open to current trends in emerging (and often challenging) arts practice, in arts and technology, and in breaking down the boundaries between art forms, and between the arts and other disciplines (A.C.E, 2005 [1]).

Furthermore, the council has restructured to be unabashed about excellence in the arts by trying to gain the highest possible achievement through excellence and not a value system placed on one group by another. It will take a contemporary, international approach to the arts by promoting artists internationally, encourage international exchange and co-production, and do all we can to ensure that audiences and artists in this country benefit from the best of the arts from outside the UK. Being involved with the arts can have a lasting and transforming effect on many aspects of people’s lives. This may be true not just for individuals, but also for neighborhoods, communities, regions, and entire generations, whose sense of identity and purpose can&nbsp.be changed through art (A.C.E, 2002 [3]).

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