I will pay for the following article At What Stage Can It Be Said that the Mobile Phone Became Part of Everyday Life. The work is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. &nbsp.It is time for the developed world to use their technology to help those who can not help themselves. Science and Technology are making advances at an amazing rate. From telephones to the Internet, calculators to computers, cars to rockets and satellites, we are submerged in a sea of discoveries and inventions made possible by Science. Fields like Medicine and communications have made inroads into our cultures and thus our lifestyles. So vast is the impact of Science in our lives, that people fear the unthinkable. It leads them to accusations such as Science tries to play God. [Clark, 2000]

Mobile phones have revolutionized the way man lives in this modern world today. It has changed his living patterns whereby routines have been amended so as to get the best possible communication through their usage as well as doing business online as become an easy proposition nonetheless. Mobile phones have changed the face of the world for more reasons than any other thing could have possibly done – probably lying in the same stead as that of high-speed computers. [Goh, 2006] The manner in which the mobile phones are being made use of in the current times suggests that it would not be long when they will become pretty much a part of a person’s body part since these devices are a form of communicating and is no different than a mouth on a face, hence it makes all the more reason to suggest that it would be tied on to a body part so that communication becomes even easier. Who knows the babies of tomorrow are born with this device within their bodies? Possibilities are endless so to speak.

The role of mobile phones has affected society in more ways than one – there is more communication going on between people than was ever before witnessed. But the downside is that people like to hear and listen to each other more than they would like to meet them, which unfortunately mobile phones have failed to ensure.

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