Write 12 pages with APA style on Paul Delvauxs Paintings. The books and subjects he read would later influence the kind of art he chose at an early age. Jule Verne’s fictional writings and Homer were his favorite publications at that young age (Carels & Deun, 2004). His parent’s opposition to an artistic career saw him study architecture at an academy in Brussels. At a much older age, he changed his academic course and switched to art under the tutelage of Constant Montald and another artist. Jean Delville (Carels & Deun, 2004). During the inaugural years of his artistic career, the young artist concentrated largely on naturalistic art. His penchant at the time was a painting of landscapes as he saw them within his geographical surroundings.

Later on, his art would change from pure surrealism to pick up aspects of expressionists after he encountered the influences of Constant Permeke and another artist by the name Gustave De Smet (Carels & Deun, 2004). These two artists introduced him to the art of surrealism. An artistic encounter with the figure of Venus would later offer him a new motif that dominated his art for much of his later artistic career. From these influences, he developed a strong taste of nudist art. The artist is well known for his remarkable capacity for juxtaposition. In his art, the most ordinary of things would be rendered in peculiarly different forms. The capacity to engage the aspects of naturalism, surrealism, metaphysics and expressionism brought him out as one of the most accomplished artists of his time. His art continues to influence critical reviews and appraisals in Belgium especially, and much of Europe and America generally.

One of Delvaux’s most famous paintings is “The Great Sirens.” It is generally considered as the best landmark of his nudist art as compared to others. “The Great Sirens” also shows the most telling effects of the influences Delvaux received from Rene Magritte and Giorgio de Chirico. Magritte&nbsp.infused into the artistic substance of Delvaux the elements of surrealism. This influence elevated the Belgian’s art to some higher representations that captured multiple influences in ways that appeared to operate above the normal expectations. On the other hand, de Chirico’s art influenced Delvaux into the representations of metaphysical and proto-surrealistic paintings. The art of incongruous juxtaposition that expresses itself in the art of Delvaux borrows heavily from the art of Magritte.&nbsp.

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