Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on an autobiography of the influence of race in my community. Nearly every day there is something taken away, something closing down. Our children and senior citizens are affected the most by these actions.

I live in a very racially diverse community in which there is a degree of segregation. For instance, the so-called neighborhood clubs belong to one ethnic group. and everyone else is excluded. People tend to look out for their own, although we know our neighbors and are polite to them. There are no clubs for the entire community or for the children. The nearest boys and girls club is not the same anymore. There are no toys, computers, equipment, or a pool. and it is about to be closed down. As for the leaders in this community, they are doing nothing about the situation.

Not all members of my community look like me because, as already stated, I live in a very racially diverse community whose members differ in looks, style, religion, ethnicity, and cultural affiliation. However, since we are all living and working in the Bronx, it is difficult to say if leaders treat anyone differently than another. We are simply trying to live and to raise our children the best way we can with the resources that we have.

To reiterate, in my very diverse community, some of the different races treat each other with respect while others act as if we do not belong. There are, however, no fights between the different groups.

My texts and work manuals contain information about a wide range of ethnic races and their culture, religion, and so on. I can, however, not say that there is any specific information about people like me.

Living in the Bronx, the media just focuses on the bad and is, therefore, not really considered as news in my community. However, to their credit, if something really good happens such as, for example, firemen saving someone from a fire in the Bronx, that makes the news.

It is difficult to find similarities and differences between the people who are in leadership in my community and myself as there is not much leadership.&nbsp. One difference, however, is that if I were to be able to become a leader in my community, I would be very proactive with respect to achieving positive and necessary things.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. I would fight very hard not to let fire stations and schools be closed down and teachers laid off due to budget cuts.&nbsp. When these things happen, the community is affected very negatively.&nbsp. Regrettably, the media is of little help in such situations.

In the Bronx, there are, basically, no minorities.&nbsp. Although we are diversified and some groups—as in virtually any organization—dominate, they are not large enough and we are not small enough to warrant the majority and minority of the terms.&nbsp. While there might be a couple of smaller religious and cultural groups, I have not actually been aware of them.

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