I need some assistance with these assignment. big skinnys sponsored search strategy Thank you in advance for the help! Planning can significantly increase an organization’s presence in the market and enable the same organization to gain a competitive edge in the market and carve their own niche in the market, as can be seen in the case with Big Skinny.

According to the information that Hossein (2014) provides, at the moment, what Kiril should focus on is mixing or merging the two approaches to online marketing. The two approaches are: establishing and drawing new consumers to its website through the many search engines. and focusing on engaging existing clients through interactive and social media such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. This is because concentrating only on the website will lock out potential clients who may not be aware of the firm’s existence. It takes people to know Big Skinny’s online presence and web address to visit Big Skinny’s website and these two factors may be limiting when they remain largely unknown to the public. Secondly, there is very large traffic that characterizes the use of online social services such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. In this regard, it will be very bad for Big Skinny to disregard these outlets in its marketing strategy.

According to Thomas (2011), the lowest priority at this point would be how Big Skinny can instantly recover the damages that it incurred when it accidentally attracted 400 online clients who had come for free wallets. This is a low priority because the loss if handled well, can be short-term and also serve as a source of learning and turning point for the company, Big Skinny. An organization seldom ultimately fails because of one mistake.

For the most part, a sponsored search strategy is very efficient and very effective. This is because, in this strategy, Big Skinny effectively makes it easy for people to visit its website. This is especially the case since those who have a need for the products that Big Skinny sells can easily be led to Big Skinny.

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