Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Brixtons Thriving Gang Culture. It needs to be at least 2000 words. The allure of Brixton is not apparent as you leave the tube, but wait until you get to experience its tenacious industrialized sensation, the dissonance of pronunciations and busy traffic flow on its streets, as well as its sparkling nightlife. Brixton strikes any visitor as lively employed class environs with its spectacular nightlife and eccentric energy in the many Jamaican and Latin clubs dotting the area. Over the years, Brixton has also been known for all the wrong reasons, particularly for its notoriety as the leading crime areas in London.2 Increasingly, squeals of sirens, drug dealer arrests, and police tape segmenting off sites of gangland stabbing have become commonplace occurrences in Briton.

Nevertheless, street gangs and crimes are not a recent phenomenon in Brixton, for the region has had a steady history of street violence and confrontations from way back when Brixton’s predominantly African-Caribbean community began to experience serious social and economic challenges in 1981. With the increase in the immigrant population in the region over the years, Brixton started experiencing high unemployment, high crime rates, and poor housing, as well as a serious shortage of amenities in the 1980s3. Riot scenes and police confrontations with the local African-Caribbean community escalated in the region around that time, which further encouraged the rise in street crime rates. Operation Swamp 81, an initiative of the Metropolitan Police was launched to curb street crimes, mostly through the “sus law”, which granted police officers special powers to randomly stop and frisk individuals on the streets on the basis of mere suspicion of probable wrongdoing. Plainclothes police officers were dispatched in the region, a move that triggered mixed reactions and was largely resented by the local African-Caribbean community around Brixton, particularly because young black men became the prime targets of those random police searches.

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