Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Broadcasting and Society. It needs to be at least 1500 words. The DVR (digital video recorder) is one of the major revolutions in technology that advertisers should familiarize themselves with to remain successful in the industry (O’Guinn, Allen, & Semenik, 2011). Since a DVR makes it easy for a viewer to avoid advertisement commercials, it can have significant implications on the creative and placement strategies that the advertising industry exercises. The DVR is creating serious fears for the advertising industry, some certain opportunities are provided by the DVR technology. The advertising industry realizes opportunities by establishing mutually dependent affiliations with television networks, hence creating a communication platform that offers economic benefits to the two entities (Neff, 2010).&nbsp.

For advertisers to develop innovative and placement strategies in the advertising environment, they should understand the manner in which they can distribute messages and how the audience retrieves them while using technological communication devices. The changes that take place in the technological communication setting lead to heavy use of the media by mass. Thus, altering the behavior of the audience, which forces the advertising industry to implement changes to meet the market needs (Biagi, 2014). In this case, advertisers are forced to place their adverts in places where their target audience can notice them easily. Advertisers who are not careful with respect to adopting and&nbsp.monitoring to technological changes in the communication environment risk losing a significant amount of funds they spend on ineffective advertising (Neff, 2010).

Advertisers need to adapt the DVR since it is one of the up-to-date innovations in technology. Although the penetration rate of the DVR in television households was approximately 5 percent in 2004, the rate doubled to 10 percent by the end of 2005. The DVR provides consumers with an option to skip advertisements, record, and store their favorite programs digitally (Neff, 2010).

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