Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Business Models Of Airlines In The UK. It needs to be at least 1500 words. UK airlines ensure that they maintain control of their employment strategy and minimize union involvement. Airlines have adopted more committed approaches with strategies in place to accommodate workers’ union. Airlines differ in several ways in efforts to attract more people. Some airlines such as EasyJet mainly fly to the primary airports in the cities for passengers’ convenience (Mackie 2012). Others choose secondary airports to reduce costs further.

Other ways of attracting passengers include offering convenient services such as speedy boarding, Flexi fare allowing changes for free to the flight within a window, and a checked in bag. In some cases, airlines do not allocate seats and passengers occupy available seats to pay for speedy boarding. However, all passengers are, since 2012, allocated seats prior to commencing boarding, because the previous non-allocation of seat slowed down boarding. However, some people tend to choose particular airlines because of various reasons. These reasons have been suggested to be related to consumer behavior and branding strategies (Marshall and COPUS 2011).

Consumer behavior refers to the study of customers and processes that consumers use to select the goods and services to consume and to dispose of. Many people make decisions concerning which airline to use every day. The possibility of being chosen as an airline depends on whether the airlines do the following: provide value services and customer satisfaction, enhanced airline value, effective customer targets, improved services, competitive advantage, broad knowledge base, understanding of customer perception of quality, and effective marketing strategies (Mackie 2012).

Airlines are often at the forefront of new technologies.

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