Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Leadership and Organizational Behavior at McDonalds. McDonald’s is an organization which comprises over 30, 0000 local restaurants all over the world. The organization has hired almost 53 million employees in over a hundred countries that it does operate in. Being the largest world food retailer, McDonalds Company operates mostly under the American way of life. In its effort to retain its competitive edge over its rivals, the organization has come up with effective strategies to motivate its employees (Cooper and Rousseau, 2001, pp234). Being the number one fast food chain stores in the world, McDonald’s raises over 75% of its total revenue from developed countries like Germany, France, Canada, and the United States.

The company’s corporate management highly believes in the power of training and leadership at all levels of operation. The company has hugely invested a lot of money in search of talents and training of its employees. This vividly indicates that McDonald’s company hugely believes in the potential of its employees. The company values and respects its employees. This is clearly evidenced by training which is offered not only to senior managers but also to all other employees irrespective of their rank. Through this, the company has been able to reinforce and spread its culture and its core values and philosophy in all directions, not just downwards, but also vertically and horizontally (Cooper and Rousseau 2001, p.290).

The main pillar of McDonald’s corporate values is its employees. McDonald’s corporate values encourage payment for the company employees at a rate above the local market rates. The company also ensures that employees’ pay and benefits are valued and adhered to. This act of McDonald’s to fully address employees’ higher needs through the provision of&nbsp.training makes employees feel important and valued.

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