Write 9 pages thesis on the topic carl beam’s major painting themes. Also, his portrayal of the human condition today is a part of the essay.

In the year 1943, on 24th May, in the west bay of Manitoulin Island, a legend was born – Carl Beam. His real name was Carl Edward Migrants. His mother, Barbara Migwans was an Ojibwe (native Indian) and his father was Dominic Migwans – the then Chief of the Ojibways of West Bay. On the other hand, Carl’s father was from a European Background. The different parental cultures that he experienced at a young age were a reason why later Beam was so keen to paint images that depicted differences and the influences in mixed cultures.

And the age of 10, Beam was departed for the Garnier Residential School, in Spanish Ontario where he got his early education and then dropped out to work at certain places. In the early 70s however, he managed to come back into education and studied at the Kootenay School of Art and culture. Later he left for the University of Victoria BC for his BA with majors in Fine Arts. Also, he completed his Masters in Fine Arts from the University of Alberta where he also carried out some postgraduate research. In the late seventies, he married Ann Elena Weatherby – Ann was an artist herself and worked for a while as an instructor at the Art of Gallery of Ontario.

Up to the late 70s, Beam had developed a unique individual fashion of himself. Utilizing his existing knowledge about screen processes, Polaroid instant prints, solvent transfer method, and photo etching, he mixed screen printing and photographic transfers with a variety of other chemicals and materials1. He mainly used a traditional style of imagery through which he inserted symbolic meanings into his paintings. Through the use of eclectic combinations of photos, he tried to disguise his intentions thereby forcing the viewer to involve actively in trying to decipher the meaning behind the painting.

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