You will prepare and submit a term paper on Carole King Overview. Your paper should be a minimum of 2500 words in length. Different periods of King’s life are defined by her private life. It is the reason why it is necessary to start from the biography of the songwriter before moving to the analysis of her songs. Carole Klein was lucky to born in New York City which was always the center of business and cultural life in the USA. She grew up in Brooklyn and her parents started noticing the gift of their child when she was really young. Music education began immediately. at the age of 4, Carole started learning how to play the piano.

She was definitely cut out for music career as she started writing songs when she was just a teenager. Her high school years were extremely important for her later career because she chose her pseudonym King and organized her first band called Co-Sines (“Carole King”). It was in college where she met other famous songwriters including Gerry Goffin, Neil Sedaka, and Paul Simon. It was the start of productive creative partnership and family life with Goffin. At the age of 17, Carole became pregnant. this fact resulted in a wedding and a successful career for both.

Goffin and King continued their business being a family. Their songs impressed Don Kirshner, who was a well-known music publisher, and he offered the couple to sing a contact with Aldon Music. Goffin and King wrote top hits for various stars including Bobby Wee, The Shirelles, and The Drifters. their sons were very simple and commercially successful (Simon & Schuster). The wast majority of songs were performed by female singers and bands. The couple achieved impressive success in writing songs for the most notable artists of their time. Even when they wrote a song for their babysitter, it became a hit.

1961 was a good year for Goffin and King so they decided to create their own record label to work independently from others.

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