Complete 10 pages APA formatted article: Casino and Resort in Las Vegas. The products will stand unique in the market because of the affordable prices that they will be charged. The owners of the business are professionals in the textile industry. this was to ensure that their skills can as well be combined in the production exercise. The business has future projects of expanding its operations to the foreign markets and thereby expands the markets of the business to enable the business to increase the sales to greater heights and then maximize the profits (Abrams 2003).

This logo is important to the business as it gives the customers an assumption that all that they would require while in the business will be readily catered for thereby leading to customer influx into the business (Joseph, 2006).

The business targets all categories of individuals ranging from children to adults. The customer is always the king and for the success of the business, all must be given equal treatment. With all this category of people, the business, therefore, creates a wider market that will translate positively to an increase in the volume of sales. (Abrams 2003).

The business relates well with all the stakeholders in the market ranging from the customers, the government as well as the other businesses. This, therefore, makes the business to operate effectively without any collision from the external forces (Joseph, 2006).

The business values the health of the customers. It is therefore a value that is considered that led to the business located in an area that is clean and free from all forms of pollution (Edward 2003).

The business has enforced honesty and the employees are advised to be as honest as they can so that the customers can trust the business more for better-continued business operations (Abrams 2003).

The business tries by inflicting loyalty both to the customers and to the employees. The workers are paid at the right time while the customers get all they need with the right quality.&nbsp.

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