Need an research paper on the films chungking express, happy together and in the mood for love. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. This article will discuss ways in which these characters change, pursue dreams, cherish old relationships, or search for new identities in selected films by Wong Kar-wai. The movies include Chungking Express (1994), Happy Together (1997), and In the Mood for Love (2000).

Fetishist of romance is the best method of describing Wong Kar-wai (Fu 59). All through his whole career, over 40 years, Wong has manifested his compulsive preoccupation with minutiae and details over and over again. the little fleeting moments plus impressions, which develop a mood. However, amongst the swirling, delirious and enveloping moods, the director also details a hard edge of love affairs – the reckless, self-defeating trust by one or either party that love is a competition, which can be lost or won or simply a game. Therefore, his actors preemptively hurt, rebuff or leave each other because of the dread of future rejection (Fu 59). They deem the object of their affection as an opponent, plus the composition of the romance assumes the elements of war, with fights lost and won eventually and methods failing or succeeding. During this time, Hong Kong films were being produced with a martial arts theme in them, all about fighting, but having left mainland China just at the age of 5, Wong had a different perspective of what movies were meant to portray to the audience. Wong knew that people also needed to see actors wanting to be different persons, go to a new place, enter a relationship or feel nostalgic for the past.

Only a few directors can capture the fading idealism of Wong’s breathless, vintage eroticism. Chungking Express is about Takeshi Kaneshiro, a police officer who assumes a profoundly philosophical perception of a chaotic breakup that lands him, Brigitte Lin, a mystifying bewigged female with criminal links.

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