Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on classic hollywood cinema style in casablanca Paper must be at least 2250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The studios had huge capacities and resources and therefore continuously and prolifically offered new works to the community of cinema enthusiasts (Goldburg). Many directors, actors and producers were attached to certain cinematographic giants like MGM, The Twentieth Century Fox or Paramount working on the production of numerous movies belonging to such genres as western, musical, animation, comedy, biopic, melodrama and others.

Art has always been willing to reflect and glorify the best traits and feelings typical for a human being as it not only conveys aesthetical value but also has a strong nurturing effect on society. Probably the best thing the good movie could do is both entertain and touch the strings in the souls of spectators showing them the power of friendship, courage, helpfulness and love. Of course, there was a generous amount of beautiful and touching love stories among the movies produced in the golden age of Hollywood. Being sentimental and romantic, celebrating the virtues love endows a human being with, these stories have been relevant and close to the hearts of many people even up to nowadays. Even though the classical Hollywood filmmaking style has remained in the past and the canons of the golden age may now seem even somewhat naïve, classical movies are still watched, appreciated and admired as they were several decades ago.

Talking about the universal classical masterpieces of Hollywood, one would certainly mention the movie that is considered to be one of the most vivid specimens of classical Hollywood cinematography and one of the most beautiful love stories ever, Casablanca. This brilliant motion picture was released in 1942 by Warner Bros. studio as an adaptation of an unknown play to be staged (Ebert). Casablanca is a classical melodrama with the historical background.

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