Write a 7 pages paper on classical music concert. I know that there are a few things that can help you understand classical music despite being new to it (Reeves 44). I have told you many times that a classical music concert is remarkably different from attending a popular music or jazz concert. Performing classical music requires concentration from the audience as well as the performers. The audience sits together and clears their minds with the hope of being lifted to greater places by the music. Although you may be intimidated by the formality of classical music concerts, etiquette rules for the format are simple and straightforward when you get used to them (Carrick 168).

You need to learn classical music. It is commonly referred to as knowing the Mozart effect. Many people agree that listening to classical music makes a person momentarily smarter. It will increase your IQ by a couple of points. You also need to tap into the emotions of classical music. Listen to Nocturne in E Flat Major, Op. 9, No. 2. You may not think that it is a rounded binary form with a C. Many do not even realize that Chopin wrote it when he was twenty-one. You also may not realize that it is a nocturne and meant to be played at the end of the evening. It should start with sonorous melodies and finish with subdued passion. I know that for a newbie, classical music appears very technical to you. However, there is much to learn and what brings people back is the fact that classical music conjures emotions (Moran 7).

When you listen to classical music, especially from the Romantics and Impressionists, the imagination goes in every direction. For example, as the song plays, you might find yourself imagining walking along the Seine on the first summer’s day. You could also recall the competitive soccer match that you played a while back. In my case, parts of literature come to mind including books that I read as a child. I think that you will benefit from the numerous visceral feelings.

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