Write a 10 pages paper on cloud storage and bad model in terms of security and privacy. The increasing interest in cloud storage coincides with the challenges presented in cloud computing by traditional information technologies.

Cloud storage is categorized into three various models like public, private and hybrid clouds (Josyula, Orr, and Page 2012). The public model involves the outsourcing of applications and delivering access to them via the public internet. The private model involves delivering applications through corporate-run networks and computing setups (Endicott-Popovsky 2013). Hybrid cloud storage is a combination of some features of the public and private cloud models. This paper is a report discussing the reasons why cloud storage is the way forward for many organizations yet many providers offer a bad model in terms of security and privacy. It also discusses the objections to the above assertions. Nonetheless, as part of the report, the paper will first briefly touch on the elements of cloud storage and then a description of how it works.

Figure 1 above shows how data from computers and other mobile devices are stored externally in the database storage. The apache server which the cloud is connected to is the point of connection for access and retrieval of stored data.

According to Kapadia, Varma, and Rajana, the elements of cloud storage constitute the benefits as well as the limitations (2014). The benefits of cloud storage include the reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) which is found to be the heart of cloud storage. This means a total of capital expenditures (CAPEX) which is based on equipment and operational expenditures (OPEX) based on administrators and the infrastructure is greatly reduced. Secondly, there is unlimited scalability because it is built on distributed systems hence it is well balancing. Also, it has the benefit of elastic virtualization (Vengurlekar 2013).&nbsp.

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