Write 10 pages with APA style on Company Analysis of Etihad Marketing. This paper examines the strategies applied by Etihad in order to achieve the current position been in existence in the market for only 10years. The paper will identify the strategies applied by the small airline to effectively compete with huge companies in the industry.

Etihad Airline is the leading airways in U A E. The airline is the flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates and operates across various destinations around the globe. The incorporation of the airline was in 2003 after a royal decree made in July the same year (Alon & McIntyre 2005). The company began operating in November 2003 after the royal decree. Etihad is used to refer to unity. As such, the company represents a union of the Arab league through airline services and operations. For the past decade after the incorporation of the company, the airline grew significantly to become a major player in the Arab League, as well as, in the entire globe in general (Knudsen & Tsoukas 2005).

Etihad Airways has its center located at Abu Dhabi International Airport in s UAE. As such, the airline has priority rights over the airport, which gives its strategic significance over the airline business. The airline has a fleet size of 91 and covers 96 destinations across the globe, both in the Arab world, as well as, in the other parts of the universe, as evident in Figure 1, and doing 1000 flights per week through these destinations. The figure shows the global route network for Etihad Airways including the new destinations that the company is covering since 2014.

The frequent flyer program of the airline is the Etihad Guest, which offers its customers the best and efficient services. The flying passengers wait for their flights at the Etihad Premium Lounge within the Abu Dhabi International Airport. On the other hand, the airline also has several subsidiaries aligned under the Etihad Subsidiaries.

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