Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Comparison of Marx and Tocqueville and Weber Analysis of State. It needs to be at least 2250 words. The three core concepts of politics shaping the state, namely: politics seeking state control, distribution of power, and politics as a struggle. The state is considered the most powerful institution within society, embodying its own interest and acting independently to herald social change. The paper explores how Marx, Tocqueville and Weber examined the concept of the state within their works.

Karl Marx largely described the world in economic terms, especially with regard to the dichotomous character of capitalist societies and the associated deterministic nature. Marx’s ideas regarding the state can be divided into three core areas, namely: pre-capitalist states, states within the capitalist era, and the state within post-capitalist society. According to Marx, the power enjoyed by the state leads anarchism, in which the state is the repressive arm of the bourgeoisie and is also an instrument for the ruling class (Marx, Engels, & McLellan, 1992). The society is cast in largely materialistic in nature, whereby the state exists to direct the affairs of the bourgeoisie and does not necessarily stand for the overall interests of the whole population. Hence, the state exists only to defend the interests of property, which is largely held by the bourgeoisie.

Tocqueville, in his book, Democracy in America, explored the burgeoning democratic order in the US in an effort to help people of France gain an appreciation of their position between weakening aristocratic order and rising democratic order. Tocqueville recognized the significance of a strong system of values and beliefs that elevate individual freedom to sustain democratic society free of class and outlined four forms of power, namely: economic, social, cultural, and ideological. Tocqueville highlighted significant cultural and social homogeneity between middle and upper classes: bourgeoisie and aristocracy.

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