Write 7 pages thesis on the topic creating a science center. The following information is derived from assessments that were conducted on three separate elementary classrooms. These evaluations were performed on the science centres of a Kindergarten, Third, and Fifth-grade classroom. The first classroom science centre that was evaluated was for a Kindergarten class at a local school.


The Kindergarten classroom assessed had math centres and writing centres. however, no specified centre for science. Even though there were several posters and charts on the wall pertaining to scientific information there were no project tables or observation areas, other than the window sill and a teacher’s work table. Several books on plants, animals, the Earth, and so forth were present. however, they were located in the same area as the other reading materials for other subjects and/or general reading. Materials such as magnifying glasses and measuring cups were in the classroom, but again, not in a specified science area.

Although the science material was minimal in this classroom and there was no science centre, the student’s needs were still met by the materials that were brought in by the teacher on an “as needed” basis.&nbsp. &nbsp.

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