Need help with my writing homework on Crisis Management for the Aviation. Write a 1750 word paper answering; It will also make all the financial decisions along with raising funds for the team etc. there will also be a human support team that will give psychological support and immediate relief to the passengers, crew, and their family members of the victims. Moreover, according to Kashurba (2002), supervisors and two directors would also be required to manage the teams so that the team may be able to work in the most efficient manner.

Since there are 57 volunteers already in the firm, preferences would be given to them. This is because they completely understand what the SAT will be doing and what sort of work is required from them. However, all of them will not be selected for the job and will be scanned to observe whether they fit the criteria or not. More individuals should be motivated to volunteer for the SAT team. As Balakrishnan (2011) suggests, bonuses, better salary packages, extra hours compensation, travel expenses, etc should be given so that more people from the firm may be attracted to volunteer.

In order to attract more internal employees for the team, the firm should announce bonuses for heroic work. Moreover, according to Hatty and Hollmeier (2003, pp.51–55), performance management programs would be in place so that bonuses should be given to those performing better than the others. I addition, the employee would also get an annual bonus apart from the salary.

The firm would provide medical coverage for the employee. This, as Cole (2006, pp.1257–1266) explains, would attract more employees from the firm. Many employees require transportation in which case the employees would be provided with company transportation or transportation allowance where there is a genuine need (John, 1978, pp.1004-8).

The salary structure of the SAT team would be defined and above the industry average. This according to Guzzo (2004, pp.307-338) is because the firm aims to get the best people on board for emergency purposes. There would be an annual increase of 15% in the salary structure.

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