I need some assistance with these assignment. critical appraisal of software tools in a commercial environment Thank you in advance for the help! Tools including OLAP, EAS and Digital dashboards can be considered helpful for the management of any company in operational level decision-making. Correspondingly, there are also certain software and tools that can help the management of any company in strategic level decision making, which include Decide IT, D-Sight and Analytica among others. In addition, information management software tools such as Microsoft Project, Excel solver and Microsoft Access are used as an effective means to accomplish tasks related to business activities to ensure efficacy and effectiveness in the same. This software also provides an opportunity for the management of companies to make effective decisions with regard to business. Subsequently, there also exists commercial linear programming software like CPLEX, Xpress-MP and LPSOL that helps in identifying the best possible solution for the business in order to maximize the amount of profit at a lower cost. The decision to choose the most appropriate software however depends completely upon the requirements of the company and the ability of the software to meet those requirements. Hence, all these software management tools are helpful in inappropriate decision making, when used in alignment with the goals of the business.

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