Need an research paper on critical of three articles. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. Led by Fran Baum (2009), Monique Begin, Tanja Houweling, and Sebastian Taylor the paper ‘Changes Not for the Fainthearted: Reorienting in Health Care Systems Toward Health Equity through Action on the Social Determinants of Health’ Baum is a quality example of well thought out detailed work. Each author holds a Ph.D. level certification and at the time of the work each held different positions at various worldwide universities and colleges. Standing behind the prestigious combination of contributors, there is an extensive history of continuous research and devoted energy. The team led by F. Baum has brought together many strands of social inequalities and illuminated a possible path towards future rectification.

Intended for professionals and peers this paper delves into causes and results of social-based actions. Aimed directly at the actors that take part in the health care field across the world, F. Baum and his companions attempt to strike a chord for a revolutionary form of thinking. By focusing on possible government agencies and institutions that could have a real effect on the health care situation the authors of this paper sought to address fellow peers and regulators everywhere.

From the inception, this research was intended as a method to draw back the curtain on the social implications to the modern health care field. Drawing a direct line from the state of society to the state of health care and then proving the vital need for a robust Health Care management system, F. Baum envisions a world that reaches out to entire populations not based entirely on fiscal advantages. Focusing on the process that takes place with many health care institutions this paper attempts to present new and potentially relevant arguments that are aimed squarely at the neglected sectors of society.&nbsp. This philosophy is the basis for the entire publication. the needs of the many must be better met before the needs of the upper-tier can progress further. &nbsp.Using the latest information and quality data this team of authors paints an attainable goal set in a workable environment.

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