Need help with my writing homework on Critical on Cybersecurity. Write a 1500 word paper answering; He found that offensive operations were more productive as compared to defensive measures. Defending a system from attack is much harder than attacking a system.

Discovering flaws in system security prior an attack is crucial and less costing factor in cyber security. Author’s point of view on offensive measures rather than defensive measures is some extent useful in many real world scenarios. In addition to this, information management requires more attention of political powers to keep their interests and desires more secret. Information security solutions are partial and subtle as simpler techniques of cyber security cannot provide a comprehensive solution to security flaws.

Anderson et al. (2008) found that network security was significant. They found that billions of Euros are spent on information security measures. Both public services and markets development is negatively impacted by the information security and public concerns. Loss of data on children and electronic medical information in UK called the government to plan for the secure e-health information system. It is more appropriate to say that information systems do not fail for the technical reasons, but for the wrong incentives. Several key principle recommendations have been suggested for the elimination of cyber security issues, which require stakeholder support for implementation of cyber security recommendations.

Criminal and fraudulent motivations cause the breaches in information security. In the current age of information technology, activities of criminals have increased. Individual stakeholders take information security decisions, which favor public interests in shaping the cyber security measures. Sub optimal security levels emerge from externalities, which are afflicted through the decentralized decisions.

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