Compose a 2000 words assignment on curating audiences. Needs to be plagiarism free! Creating an inclusive museum involves making its physical experience less intimidating for the elderly and the young. In addition, museums have become more colourful and comfortable, which is meant to encourage those unaccustomed to the ethos and physicality of traditional museum spaces to visit them. In addition, the relevance of exhibits to visitors, as well as their appreciation of what is presented has also come more into focus. It has now become the role of the museum’s marketing department to recommend changes after understanding visitors so as to improve their experience (Deeth 2006, p. 9).

Currently, there is increased pluralism and inclusive interpretation and character with contemporary culture. However, little attention is paid to the realities, discourses, and actual practices that exist in the world of art (Sifakakis 2007, p. 205). In addition, the attention paid to interest groups in art and art institutions is still wanting. It is, therefore, possible to argue that, a distinction between uninformed and informed audiences that is associated with two fundamental forms of recognizing art exists. These are public recognition and specialist accreditation. Specialist accreditation is the dominant factor has for a long time been presented as the deciding factor in the socio-cultural legitimization of art. It is also visible through the limited range and content of audiences in their insider discourse (Sifakakis 2007, p. 213). This paper is a discussion between Stringer, who is an outsider-insider, and Chang, who is an insider-insider, regarding curating audiences.

Chang: Sometimes, it is not necessary for a person to append their name on art-making and exhibitions. It seems that curators want to be artists themselves, which has taken them towards the role of creator alongside the artist (Sifakakis 2007, p. 207). Now, exhibitions have become the artwork of the curator. On the other hand, various artists have made their art in a manner that seeks to make it more palatable for their audiences.&nbsp.

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