I will pay for the following article Database Design for Existing Dataset and Analysis. The work is to be 12 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. With regards to the data that will be used on the database, inclusive of the retrieval requirements of this data, a number of criteria were noted. These criteria have to be met by the database software. The software’s minimum requirements are as follows:

A number of processes can be automated by the use of stored scripts. Editing, querying, updating, facility management among many other processes are examples of these processes. This control becomes even more important if user access is being done through the internet. It, therefore, becomes easier to both call and run a stored script than to code a script before running a process.

3. Multiple index creation should also be easily implementable with this software. A single index should be allowed to be reused in many columns. This will allow for quicker querying and sorting process for the many parameters that the database presents. The prevention of duplicate data across many columns is achieved by the creation of duplicate data.

4. Simultaneous multiple-user accesses to tables should also be allowed. This is because data will be accessed from a number of locations via the web browsers. Concerning this, it is, therefore, be very important for users to be allowed to have simultaneous access to data.

5. The software has to have a relational database model support. This standard is provided in the industry. It helps in the integration within other technologies that are present in the various locations that this data will be accessed from.

6. The software should allow for the creation of various views on the entered data. This will allow for a minimal amount of data to be stored, with the rest being placed in an unlimited number of virtual outputs. Through views, calculated values are easily viewed while at the same time negating the need for any additional columns in the created data tables. Besides this, views allow the creation of customizable data views.

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