Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on designing a network protocol Paper must be at least 2250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! It has its own switch on the button, that powers it on. It has a channel ID that selects the wireless channel number for the junction’s subnet. All TLUs on the same junction should be switched to the same channel number. It also has a button to specify the number of TLUs operating in the junction. It also has a pass duration button to select a suitable time interval (the pass duration) in which traffic traveling in this direction should be allowed. The TLU also has a unique ID number that identifies it to the network. These buttons are set by the installer of each TLU. Each TLU in the junction has these buttons and the installer without any pattern must switch on the Telus. Once switched on, the TLU remains with its lights off until instructed by the protocol to do otherwise.

The protocol identifies each TLU locally by an integer variable fluid. The protocol instructs any TLU to execute the GO sequence MyLights.Go() in which the lights go through the usual starting sequence and allow traffic flow for the TLU’s pass duration in seconds. It also executes the STOP sequence MyLights.stop() or switch off its lights completely myLights.off(). The protocol must enable the TLUs in the network to collaborate so that they can automatically select a MASTER TLU amongst themselves which has a series of responsibilities. These responsibilities include maintaining a list of TLU IDs operating on the junction. Instructing each TLU in turn to allow traffic flow, and managing situations where any TLU is no longer available on the subnet.

The protocol once it selects, the MASTER TLU instructs all TELUS to go to the STOP configuration for 30 seconds. It then instructs each TLU (including itself) to allow traffic to pass. When a TLU has crashed down it is expected to recover within a minute, at this time all TLUs should be under stop configuration. If the loss of a TLU is more than a minute, the MASTER TLU must detect this and instructs all the other TLUs to switch off.

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