Write 12 pages with APA style on Destination Oxford. Tourism faces competitive demands which are increasing significantly in the present globalized society (Tisdell, 2012).

There are regions within the United Kingdom and the larger continental Europe that are offering the Oxford city a run for its money in the attempt to be the leading tourist destination in the region. A tour destination must be more saleable from internal characteristics more than a competitive advantage. The uniqueness of an area has been the major factor in tourists’ attraction much more than competitive factors such as advertisements and marketing of a particular region (Kozak & Kozak 2013). Nonetheless, the competitive advantage of a destination is made up of the region’s resources. These consist of inherited, human-created and supporting sources. Inherited resources are natural, cultural as well as historical factors, whereas supporting sources may include availability, quality of service, security and basic infrastructure (Buhalis & Laws 2001). To attract more tourists and achieve a competitive advantage, then it is imperative that resources are effectively and essentially used with respect to the transformation in environmental conditions. This paper evaluates Oxford city as a tourist destination.

Arrivals to Oxford, both from domestic and international tourists visit the historic, yet presently buzzing for a number of reasons: persons traveling for a holiday, visiting friends or relatives, or for health reasons. In addition, people visit Oxford to attend meetings and conferences-which may occur for scientific religious conventions and sports, students among others. According to Buckley (2006) adventure tourism is on the rise both in the city and the whole country as a whole, and (Benson, 2011) volunteer tourism. Measuring the responsiveness of tourist demand for accommodation in the city to the major actors that are play such as relative pricing.

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