Write a 13 pages paper on development of tourism in saudi arabia. This research study aims at determining the different factors that affect the tourism industry of Saudi Arabia. It also seeks to determine people’s behavior and attitudes towards industry developments or changes that have resulted in the sector.

Across the world, states, countries and cities are heavily investing in development projects that will increase their political, social and economic capacities Saudi Arabia being no exception. Tourism is one activity that has attracted heavy investment more so in Saudi Arabia – a desert country that intends to diversify its economy. The country has for a long time relied on petroleum and gas to drive its economy.

With the Saudi government taking every possible measure to attract foreign tourists and encourage locals to spend their vacations in the country, the government has notably achieved success in improving its tourism sector. Indeed the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has heavily invested in the development and improvement of infrastructures and tourist attraction sites. Other stakeholders and organizations that are directly impacted by the tourism industry have similarly tried their best to ensure sustainable developments are achieved within this vital sector of the Kingdom’s economy.

One thing however that must be realized is that the success of the industry depends both on internal and external factors some of which may currently be unknown to the stakeholders. It is these factors that this research seeks to examine while also keeping the focus on developments and changes that may affect tourism in Saudi Arabia. In addition, the research seeks to determine the attitudes of nationals and tourists towards the steps, developments and changes that have occurred in the tourism sector of the country.

This research will be limited to the Middle East and more specifically Saudi Arabia as a country and kingdom. With reference to the description of tourism, this research will adopt a less strict definition of&nbsp.tourism and as such will accept those visiting the country even on non-leisure missions as tourists. &nbsp.

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