Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on dialogue between fukuyama and joseph nye Paper must be at least 3000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Fukuyama: (jokingly), long time my boy, I am here to register for an undergraduate degree of course

Joseph Nye: (smiling), that would be the funniest joke I have heard this week, I swear

Fukuyama: (smiling and wrapping his arm around Joseph Nye’s shoulder).What is wrong with an old man coming back to school? Search for knowledge is unending, you know.

Joseph Nye: (laughing).nothing is wrong with that uncle. You know what?

Fukuyama: what?

Joseph Nye: when I see you, I remember how grandmother would put us down to advice on how to be successful in life. One thing that kept coming up was uncle Fukuyama.

Fukuyama: oh! I did not know that I am humbled and what was she saying about me if I may ask?

Joseph Nye: you know grandmother with her obsession with you. She would be like, your uncle Fukuyama is a true example of a success story. Losing your grandfather when I was just thirty-three years was devastating to our family. I thought our family was condemned to everlasting poverty. Everything seemed dark and our life had lost direction. Your uncle Fukuyama was just two years then, he had known nothing much and the loss of his father was like no news to him. Being jobless then, how your uncles would go to school and be somebody in life was my greatest nightmare. Has she ever told you the same story uncle?

Fukuyama: no, never knew my mother went through all that, so sad. How come she managed to change our family this much?

Joseph Nye: That what is asked the first time day she told me the story .you won’t believe what her answer was.

Fukuyama: what?

Joseph Nye: you

Fukuyama: how could I have been the cause? I was just two years

Joseph Nye: Have you ever known why grandmother has always called you her inspiration?

Fukuyama: No but I think it is just one of her flattery.

Joseph Nye: No, it isn’t flattery. Grandmother always says that it’s your innocent demands at a young age that inspired her to succeed. She says that when you were young, you liked chocolate very much.

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