Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on digital culture. What happens during this age range is that connections are based on ideals rather than on obligations, family defined through friendships that are more often chosen. As an example, children, parents, the continuation of spousal connectivity, and work relationships become more obligatory than choice as one becomes older.

What exists is a new paradigm in which the choice of relationships comes back through the collaborative efforts that are the social network. Social spheres have become widened and the ability to connect has changed dramatically. People choose collectivity over isolation and the type of socializing that was relevant in one’s twenties is now available throughout life as the barrier that occurs between the user and the content provides for both anonymity to a degree and the ability to control the online identity through controlling the information that is revealed. The need for being a part of the collective has shifted the concept of independence as an ideal to the reality of the collective as essential to the identity.

The short answer is that they are disappointed. In relationship to the concept of collaboration, the people have the sense that they are isolated from the government and no longer being served. The collectivism that has become available through the social network has developed a situation in which the power to gather has once again been proven valuable, but the purpose for gathering is not often enough focused on meaningful change. This shows that collectivism is still possible, but the isolationist barrier between the largeness of government against the collective has a strength that seems to diminish social movement. Whereas in the 1960s the government seemed accessible, current social attitudes show that even though communication and information are much more accessible, connecting in any meaningful way to the government is considered almost impossible.&nbsp.

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