Write 6 pages thesis on the topic ethnic high tech professional associations and their role in accelerating the circulation of finance and knowledge. The modern world economy can be separated into two major regions. the global North which includes mostly the USA and most parts of Eastern Europe, and the global south which includes India and China as well as most Middle East nations. In the last fifty years, the flow of talent and knowledge has been seen to happen between the two regions. In the beginning years of the information age, the global north received a lot of skills and talent from the global south. This was as a result of Chinese and Indian professionals going to the U.S.

A good example of this is Silicon Valley, which for a long time has been seen to benefit from the inflow of professionals and talent from the global south. However, as Daniels (1988) mentions, as these people from the south arrived in the U.S and especially in California, they were met by unwelcome conditions as they were both personally and professionally isolated. Most of these professionals from China and India felt that they were not able to have a normal life in the US and especially in Silicon Valley where professional life was competitive. This led to the birth of the Ethnic High Tech Professional Associations which led to the acceleration of both knowledge and financial resource flow within Silicon Valley and across the global south and north.

The formation of most of the Ethnic High Tech Professional Associations was as a result of these professionals feeling professionally and personally isolated. Not only were they unable to have wider social circles, but were also being professionally marginalized. Most of them saw that it was also harder for them to start businesses because they could not access loans and funds from the banks. As a result, the formation of these professional associations can be seen as having been to solve two main problems.

There are a number of high tech professional associations in Silicon Valley which have helped a lot in mobilizing knowledge within Silicon Valley as well as across to other regions such as India and China.

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