Write a 12 pages paper on issues and trend that impact upon global entertainment. In the modern world, people consider entertainment not only as a time pass activity but at the same time entertainment is considered as a medium to convey the ideas of any particular society or nation. In several countries such as India, China, etc. countries where there are more than billion people, as well as a diverse culture across the social entertainment, is a big option to increase the closeness as well as exchange culture among one another. Entertainment is an option which in modern times used by various corporates as well to ensure that they can make their employees relaxed as well as can encourage them to perform even better. With every passing year, the pattern or style associated with the entertainment industry is changing along with the choices of the customers. One must consider the fact that the entertainment industry is changing with the time and there are various factors associated with the changes as well as challenges faced by the various segment associated with this industry.&nbsp.

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