I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Screen Aesthetics. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. For instance, it is used enormous scenes of the bombshell and the gun shooting. The camera effects in different scenes are extremely well taken for example the use of different lights to elongate and emphasize certain scenes. The movie has also been digitized in nature. Disney was the first company to produce such a digital movie in the shape of Rescuers Down Under and the first digital matte painting for Die Hard 2 was done by ILM. In the scene where Willis is spewed out of the cockpit of the plane, the film contains an excessive amount of Blue Screen Composting as well.

Die Hard is the story of a very tough and masculine cop who lies in New York and goes by the name of John McClane. He goes to Los Angeles to visit his wife for the first time in order to convince her to get back to New York and live with him. He visits her office with a view to bringing her back where she is having a Christmas party with her friends but he soon sees that criminals take over that very building pretending to be political terrorists. The focus of the movie now shifts from McClane trying to win his wife back to having a mission to kill all the terrorists and save his wife. The terrorists threaten to kill all the people who were inside the building in order to procure the bonds which were stored in the vault of the company. Willis however, takes on a number of actions in order to outwit them all, show his true masculinity, and kill the leader of the gang of criminals as well as the rest of them, while at the same time, winning his wife back. (Grant, Barry Keith.)

The main character in the movie physically overpowers and overshadows the criminals through his extreme strength and force. This is a dramatic movie that shows the charisma which the male protagonist possesses having struggled in the earlier part of life. The movie in a way redeems the order of the lead character and the turn of events in which he shows machismo enables him to win his wife back as well.

The movie consists of some brutal action scenes taking place where the male protagonists are beating up his enemies in an extremely flamboyant manner. The core essence of the movie has been derived from the masculinity of the hero and the way he carries that masculinity in order to fight his criminals.&nbsp.

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