Write 14 pages thesis on the topic sustainable tourism strategy for romania national park. The strategies included dividing the park into four different zones in order to develop each and every section with greater effectiveness focusing on its unique natural feature. Furthermore, the strategy proposed by the authority to improve the Retezat National Park focused on the concept of promoting the availability of medical services, hotels and emergency rescue services within the park in order to augment the interest of tourists to visit the tourism location. The developmental strategies proposed by the authority also included the intention to increase the scope of employment for the local people who live in the surrounding of the park. The strategies also proposed the inclusion of certain ethical and practical rules that were expected to limit the activities of the tourists up to an extent which will reduce the negative impacts on the natural assets of the Park. Thus, from an overall perspective, the strategies proposed by the authority of Romania Tourism can be observed to represent a multidimensional approach in benefitting the overall performance of the Retezat National Park.

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