You will prepare and submit a term paper on The Concept of Self Portrait. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. Theory can conclusively explain the complex nature of human self-concept and people’s self-portrait, a mix of environmental and genetic factors determine what an individual become. This paper will discuss the concept of self-portrait from my own point of view while in- cooperating Erikson’s development theory and Kohlberg’s model of morality

Self-portrait entails the way an individual presents himself to the society and the way the society perceives the individual. Defining an individual and trying to understand why people talk or behave the way they do is a complex endeavor. Many people conclude that others are the way they are due to inheritance and others believe that life events develop people (Weisner, 2002). Many scholars have examined self-portrait as they try to attach meaning to people’s behavior and beliefs. In a bid to illustrate my self-portrait, I will base my development on two theories: Erikson’s development theory and Kohlberg’s model of morality.

The first stage of development is Infancy: Birth to 18 months. The Ego development outcome at this stage is Trust vs. Mistrust. The child seeks attention and affection from her mother and affection is generated at this stage. This is evidenced by clinging and inability to cope with withdrawal from the mother at this age. A child who receives affection is able to trust people in the latter life as compared to one who did not receive attention and thus has mistrust. This is clearly emulated in my self-portrait since having grown with my parents and having received the affection and attention of my mother, I am able to trust the world and my colleagues, and show affection to them (Harder, 2002).

The second stage of development in Early Childhood: 18 months to 3 years. The Ego outcome development at this stage is Autonomy vs. Shame. The child learns how to say NO to the parents in search for autonomy. In cases where the child’s autonomy is reprimanded, the child develops&nbsp.shame and doubt. This is portrayed in my self-portrait as autonomy I developed at this stage gives me the courage to carry out the complex task.

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